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What causes an ATM to be out of service?
ATMs can be out of service for multiple reasons including mechanical problems and communication problems. Any ATM that is out of service automatically sends a message to the service team.

Can I make a deposit at a CU Anytime® machine?
If your Credit Union is a member of CU Anytime®, you can make a deposit at many of our ATMs. To find out if a particular machine takes deposits, view the ATM Locator page.

How do I get a new ATM card?
Contact your credit union to get a new ATM card. Visit the Member Credit Unions page to get contact information.

What do I do if my transaction goes wrong?

I requested $40.00 but the machine only dispensed $20.00 and my receipt shows that I was charged $40.00.
The machine did not dispense any money, but the receipt shows I was charged.
I put my check in for a deposit but I didn’t get credit and the ATM kept the check.
The cashier at the gas station had problems inputting my transaction and I was charged twice.

Action: Make sure you keep all receipts and documents associated with your ATM or merchant transaction. Take all information to your Credit Union and fill out the appropriate paperwork so that research can begin on the disputed transaction.

CU Anytime® does not have the ability to access member account information. If you have a transaction related question, including ATM transactions, please contact your Credit Union directly. CU Anytime® affiliated credit union contact information can be found on the Member Credit Unions page