Preferences at the ATM

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Customize Your Experience at the ATM with Preferences

Setting preference records can speed up your experience at all CU Anytime ATMs. You can set preference records by selecting the Set My Preference option after entering your PIN. Preference records are based on your card number and will work at any CU Anytime ATM. Make sure to select Save after your select your custom preferences!

Fast Cash
Are you always requesting $100 from checking at the ATM? You can set both the dollar amount and the account type by selecting the Fast Cash option in the Set My Preferences menu. Next time you visit an ATM, just select Fast Cash from the transaction screen and it will process the custom options you have set up automatically. This reduces the number of screens that you need to select for each ATM visit. You can always select Withdrawal, instead of Fast Cash, if you need a different amount or account.

Do you always want a receipt for your transactions, or maybe never want a receipt? Click on the Receipt option in the Set My Preferences menu and you will no longer be promoted for a receipt. The ATM will process the receipt the way you want it to without the need to ask you.

All of our ATMs can speak to you in either English or Spanish. If you want the machine to always speak to you in one language, select the Language option  in the Set My Preferences menu for either English or Spanish.

Remember with all of your preferences, once you have made your selection touch the SAVE option. Next time you are at any CU Anytime ATM, the machine will already know your preferences and act accordingly. This can make your visit to the machine just a little bit faster and easier.